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The casino market for UK residents has grown at an alarming rate over the last few years. Gambling is one of our favourite past times it would seem. Whether it be sportsbooks, slots or casino games, the Online casino UK is a growing market place and will continue to do so. When selecting an online casino UK residents as well as Indians travelling to the UK will have a lot of choices so we will be doing individual reviews to find the best online casino. You may want to participate in a bit of free blackjack online, you may be the king of the roulette wheel or have a strategy down to a point for poker, whatever your poison, we will review the casino online UK market in a lot of depth on these pages.

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Gamble Resposibly

If the fun stops, STOP! There's no beating around the bush. Gambling can be addictive for some amongst us. Please visit our partner an take a self assessment test and see what services they provide:

What really makes for a best online casino for our UK patrons and what should we look to avoid?

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You can type into any popular search engine best online casino UK and you probably wouldn’t be surprised that you will get hundreds of different results. A UK online casino will offer you games to play, a method or multiple methods for depositing and withdrawing, a contact point of sorts and other than that, it’s the extras that make something the best casino online. There will also be a new online casino India coming out offering the world to try and pry you away from other casinos. So we will review individual casinos to tell you how they differ from each other.

With the amount of money the UK make in gambling there will always be a new online casino opening

Recent reports show that the UK gambling industry takes around £14 billion a year from their customer base now. When we look at the fact the figure was under £8.5 billion in 2008, it really just goes to show the popularity of betting with UK residents is still rising. The UK casino online industry will continue to grow which means the companies that fall into the new online casino UK bracket will also grow on an annual basis. With casinos investing more money into their games, their software, their online mobile casino options, it’s an industry that will be on the up for many years to come and you can learn more here on this matter. For more info on the affect of gambling on the UK economy, then please head over to to read their article.

The sheer number of games available to you at casino online UK will amaze you if you are new

With so much competition on the market comes the biggest obstacle for new casinos. How do I interest new customers, quickly and keep them happy. First and foremost, it needs to be a secure online casino. You can check for the gaming commission logo on their websites. Although most casinos are secure, there are some out there, with the ability to operate online in different countries, that may not have the licensing laws they require in certain countries so it’s always sensible to make sure that you confirm that before parting with any of your cash. Next, see if they offer a casino online free option. We spoke with Page Carter who is the chief games reviewer at to give us an insight on the volume of games you can play based on his experience in the US and Canadian casino markets and he told us and I quote "With so many games available at your fingertips, it can be very easy to start betting on games you’re not 100% sure on, look for their free options, try the games out before wagering real money on them and see which ones you get on better with." Thanks for that Page!

So how do we go about finding the best online casino UK offers to it’s new and existing customers?

If you ask 1000 people from different parts of the UK who their favourite football team is or what the best british made card is or what is the best genre of music you will hear hundreds of different answers. This is because everyone has completely different opinions. What you bet on, your best friend may not. You may want instant promotions on slots where they want bonuses on roulette. The welcome offers alone vary considerably so you really need to get the full options available to you. With so many sites, look into the whole experience. Are big jackpots your thing or is it the extra help available from customer support? Playing responsibly is also a huge thing in the United Kingdom. When gambling, please gamble responsibly. Play with what you can afford to lose and anything you win is a bonus.

It's always good to make sure that the UK online casino you are joining has a good support structure

Customer services is one topic that people don’t think of straight away. This is because you don’t think of them until you need help. That might be days or months later, it’s a bad time to then find out the customer service isn’t up to scratch. Find a site that you like the look of. You can join for free in most cases, sign in and see how the site looks to members. We will provide you with online casino reviews so you know the difference between what makes for a top mobile casino online, how to find your free online casino, and many other things.

Basically, what you want is a fast, friendly service, a website that screams how hot it is. You must feel comfortable with it’s payments. You want somewhere that you know how to view your winnings easily, somewhere that straight away you enjoy it, it feels fun but safe at the same time. That if you walk to the table and aren’t sure of the rules, the information is easily accessible. The funds are yours, the experience is down to the casino. Choose your casino, hit that jackpot and claim your fast payouts.