Valuable tips for Cricket betting in India

People playing cricket on a green field

From playing to watching cricket, there is only one thing that is more popular than both. This is to take part in cricket betting. There is a huge selection of online casinos and cricket betting apps to choose from. If you are new to cricket betting, don’t let that put you off. We're here to give you all the information you need to access an online casino India so you can start to bet on cricket, learn how to beat the cricket bookies, and understand the legality of cricket betting online.

Why is it popular to bet on cricket?

It is no surprise that cricket is the most popular sport in India. Cricket was first introduced in India in the 18th century through British sailors, with the first match recorded in 1721. Now, India often finds itself close to the top of the worldwide International Cricket Council rankings. You will have a hard time finding someone that doesn’t feel at least some excitement for cricket!

So, whether you are familiar or not with cow corner, silly mid-offs or anything in-between, this is the ultimate guide on cricket betting.

What are your options with cricket online betting?

There are a variety of cricket bets and wagers you can make with this sport that can be overwhelming if you’re new to cricket betting. Here is a list of popular cricket bets great for beginners to betting, as well as some for more interesting wagers advanced cricket enthusiasts:

  • Match betting: This one is a simple and straightforward cricket bet. For this one, you must decide whether the match will be won by the home team, the away team or if the match will end in a tie.
  • Innings runs: Do you have an idea of the total number of runs in the first innings of the match? If yes, this one is a perfect cricket bet for you. If you are feeling particularly lucky, you can take this bet one step further by predicting whether the final runs for a team would be an odd or even number
  • Top bowler or batsman: This is a type of proposition bet. This is a particular bet where the outcome doesn’t affect the final match. This popular cricket bet allows you to bet on a specific person. Try to guess which bowler will take the most wickets or which batsman will score most the runs. This can either be for during a match or a season.
  • Series winner: This is a self-explanatory cricket bet – try to predict the winner of the entire series!
  • Man of the match: This is another example of a proposition bet. For this one, you must predict which player from the team has contributed the most, or shown actions with the most crucial effect, to help win the game.

Here are four best cricket betting tips to help you

Now we’ve covered some popular types of cricket bet. Here are five top tips to consider while cricket betting to help you beat the cricket bookies.

  1. Weather: Be aware that any adverse weather can affect the match. It’s possible parts of the match can be ultimately lost due to rain. In addition, an exceptionally hot day or one with an overcast could influence the match results.
  2. Competitions: From the Cricket World Cup to the Indian Premier League, you can always find a competition to bet on cricket. Cricbuzz has up-to-date live scores from matches. This gives you a way to get the fastest results and latest information for live cricket betting and IPL betting online.
  3. Pitch condition: This is critical to cricket betting! Factors such as grass, recent rain, hardness, and dust can all effect the match in different ways. Take time to research this before placing your bets.
  4. Trust-worthy betting sites: Make sure when you are cricket betting online, it’s on a site you trust. If you’re looking for more information or sites to bet on cricket, check out

Cricket betting apps on your mobile

With the popularity of live cricket betting and cricket betting online rising, it’s no wonder that people are turning to their mobile to make cricket betting easier. It’s possible to find that many cricket bookies also offer their own cricket betting apps to easily make bets. The benefits of cricket betting apps are that they are usually easy to use and more convenient.

Many cricket betting apps will offer deals to new customers using the apps. These offers can range from app to app, but the most common welcome bonus you will find is the cricket bookies matching your deposit to a certain amount.

How can live cricket betting influence your bets?

Live cricket betting involves placing cricket bets on a match that has already started. This adds an extra element as the live odds can change depending on the game play. Many cricket betting apps and cricket bookies are now offering these types of bets. Whether you are following the Cricket World Cup, Test cricket, Twenty20, One Day International, or the Indian Premier League for IPL betting online, you will never run out of cricket competitions to bet on!

Is online cricket betting legal in India?

Currently, legal betting in India exists only for certain activities such as horse racing and the lottery. With the surge of popularity of gambling in India steadily increasing, we are seeing more states overturning previous laws on cricket betting. As laws are governed state-by-state, there is a shift into legalising online gambling by cricket betting online. At the time of writing, now four states allow online gambling in Goa, Sikkim, Daman and Nagaland.

Gambling regulations and laws can often be unclear when it comes to online gambling, as it isn’t specifically mentioned in the three main regulation acts: The Public Gambling Act, the Prize Competition Act and The Information Technology Act. While this could leave gambling in a grey area for Indians players, there are no laws banning Indians to access and gamble on overseas sites. This makes cricket betting online perfectly legal and possible when choosing to place bets on sites based outside the country.